Kirill Shmotin

Partner, PhD in Law, Graduate Lawyer (Moscow State University)

Specialist in Judicial Representation and Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution, Information and IT Law

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Postgraduate Education

  • Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law by the Government of the Russian Federation (specialty "Civil Process; Arbitration Process").

Graduate School (Diploma)

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Law (Diploma), specialization in Civil Process Law and Dispute Resolution; 


Mr. Shmotin specializes in dispute resolution in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration system. During the years of his practice, he has participated in many successful court cases to protect the interests of large and medium-sized businesses, including well-known transnational corporations.  Also he has experience in resolving disputes under lease, supply, services, leasing, insurance etc. Successfully represented the interests of a number of large companies in the field of bankruptcy.


Prior to joining SKS Confidence Law Firm, Mr. Shmotin worked as a lawyer in an international consulting law firm, as well as a law office.



  • PhD in Law (Russia)​;

  • Author of the thesis for the degree of candidate of legal sciences on the topic: "Court costs in Civil Process" (specialty 12.00.15 "Civil Process; Arbitration Process");

  • Author of several scientific publications on the problems of Civil and Arbitration Process Law in the leading scientific and practical journals;

  • Participant of many Russian and international scientific conferences.


  • Association of Lawyers of Russia.


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