Energy is a key industry of strategic importance. Therefore, the legal support of the organization and functioning of the fuel and energy complex requires special attention. Lawyers specializing in the field of energy and subsoil use, in addition to fundamental legal knowledge, require a good understanding of technical, technological, economic, geological and other non-legal aspects of this industry.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in this field, including legal support for projects of major energy companies (including PJSC Gazprom, companies of the Gazprom Group, PJSC Lukoil, PJSC Transneft, etc.). In addition, lawyers of SKS Confidence are actively engaged in scientific research on the problems of Energy Law, have many publications in this field, and are actively involved in scientific events dedicated to legal regulation in the energy sector.


  • comprehensive legal support of the activities and projects of oil and gas companies;

  • contractual work in the energy sector;

  • obtaining permits for exploration and development of oil and gas fields, oil and gas;

  • support of licensing of oil and gas companies;

  • issues of mining law and subsoil use;

  • legal support for the transportation of oil, gas and petroleum products (pipeline, road, rail);

  • legal support of oil processing;

  • legal support of oil and gas circulation on commodity markets, including transactions with oil, petroleum products and gas;

  • legal support of exchange trade in oil and gas;

  • representation and protection of interests of oil and gas companies in courts and state bodies;

  • legal resolution of sanctions issues in the oil and gas sector;

  • research in the field of energy and mining law.

* - the presented list of services is only for informational purposes and is not exhaustive. For more information about the possibility of providing specific services, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.